Who are we?

Habufa Meubelen was founded in 1968 by Mr. Georges van den Bosch as manufacturer of steel tube furniture (HApertse BUismeubel FAbriek). Over the course of the years the range has greatly expanded with other furniture and home decoration. In the late 80's the leadership was taken over by the sons of the founder, Paul and Danny van den Bosch. Since then, the company has become the current organization with 10 offices in 9 countries, 400 employees and produces furniture in all continents. Habufa uses international the high 'Western’ quality standard; in all countries before, during and after production overseen by its own quality managers.

Habufa Meubelen B.V.
Metaalweg 15
5527 AE Hapert 
The Netherlands 
+31 (0)497 - 38 99 99

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