The foundation

The founder of Habufa Meubelen is Mr. Georges van den Bosch. He started in 1968 under the HABUFA name with the production of steel tube furniture (HApertse BUis-meubelen FAbriek). It was decided in the late seventies that alongside this production to start importing related items/furniture.

Over the course of the years the limited collection was greatly expanded to where we are today with an assortment of over 20.00 items/furniture.


Habufa grew into a leading trade company in the Benelux; this was jointly realized through a strategy  where the emphasis was on sharply calculated prices, quick and reliable deliveries, good and speedy service and a maximum accommodation to the wishes of our customers.

The market position was strengthened through starting an alliance in 1989 with Steinhoff; Habufa was ready for " Europe without borders". Paul & Danny van den Bosch, sons of Georges van den Bosch, gradually took over the leadership in the second half of the 80's and a young and dynamic management was guaranteed.

Our headoffice is located in Hapert where currently 200 employees work. Besides that Habufa also has a logistics center in Tholen, an international sales team, quality control organization which means that the total Habufa - organization worldwide consists of about 375 enthusiastic employees. In addition to the trading they also develop through their own R&D and styling department, innovative interior design concepts.

Habufa presently has 4 brands that are actively marketed.

Special furniture is designed for each concept to match the style and image from the brand and the target group of that concept.

Alongside all the brands Habufa has also a large selection of free market products, the so called " free collection " that are sold through other retailers throughout the world.

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