XOOON is trendy, distinctive and unique.  It's the total concept for your living room. The collection is regularly renewed and responds to the latest trends and colors. With XOOON we are looking for a dominate place in the market, with our own designs and materials that's a mix between " Young Design " and pure materials. With this concept we're offering the individual retailer the opportunity to obtain a unique place in the market.


XOOON focuses on the young and young feeling consumer who knows what they want. Their lifestyle is more important than their age. The target group is sporty and broad thinking. They want space and freedom to move around. Furniture has to be sturdy and at the same time stylish and current. The combination of price and quality is very good. XOOON stands for affordable design.  


The collection is consists of:

  • XOOON-trend: These are the products in the latest colors and shapes.
  • XOOON-collection: The collection which Xooon stands for and it distinguishes itself in the market.
  • XOOON-basics: The price points in the collection, items with a very good price and quality ratio.

XOOON consists out of assembled, knock-down and impulse items.  

The implementation of XOOON stores started in November 2011. In the meantime we already have more than 160 stores in the Benelux, France and Germany.

For more information about XOOON, please visit www.xooon.nl.

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