COCO maison

Living accessories

A cheerful note, a dramatic detail, a romantic touch or a colorful statement. Accessories complete the decoration and are the finishing touch for every interior. They are the most helpful aids to quickly, cheaply and completely change the theme of the interior. Bold colors and stainless steel fit well with a contemporary style. Soft shapes and pastels provide a romantic atmosphere.

Warm colors such as red, brown, mustard yellow and orange are typical fall colors. While turquoise, lilac, fresh green and soft yellow give your interior the feel of spring. By regularly experimenting with accessories you can give the interior a totally different atmosphere.


The collection of Habufa's COCO maison consists out of several parts:

  • carpets & footstools - " atmosphere on the floor" 
  • lighting - " play with light" 
  • cushions - " cozy cushions "
  • accessories - " finishing touch "
  • paintings, mirrors & clocks - " art on the wall " 

The collection is renewed several times per year and the latest fashion trends and colors are added.


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