4 Furniture brands

Habufa presently has 4 brands that are actively marketed.

  • The lifestyle concept Henders & Hazel
  • The young design concept XOOON
  • The shop-in-shop concept Happy@Home
  • The own label COCO maison for all living accessories 

Special furniture is designed for each concept to match the style and image from the brand and the target group of that concept.

Alongside all the brands Habufa has also al large selection of free market products that are sold through other retailers throughout the world.

Many opportunities 

Our total assortment is around 5.000 items with diverse colors and variations that brings the total to around 15.000 variants.

Important is the continuous renewal of our product lines, each year approximately 1/3 of our collection is renewed. That way we stay on top of the market developments allowing us to quickly bring out new and interesting articles on the market for a large group of consumers.

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