Henders & Hazel


Mid 2004 Habufa developed the Henders & Hazel concept. We want to use this concept to create a domestic and cozy atmosphere that makes people feel right at home. The presentation in a warm, domestic and cozy atmosphere boosts sales, as consumers can easily visualize the furniture in their own living room. The furniture assortment is exclusive and wide ranging which appeals to a large group of consumers. At this moment there are 260 Henders & Hazel partners in Europe. 


Henders & Hazel is positioned in the middle segment and is directed to men and woman who like to combine stylish home furnishings with pleasant home comfort. The concepts stands for home comfort and durability within an appropriate budget. Think of couples or families that are decorating their house for a second time. The woman plays a deciding role hereby, but the man also has something to say, especially when it comes to functionality and comfort.


The assortment contains complete living ranges and seating furniture, but also matching decorative articles and lighting. These are exclusive designed for the sales in a Henders & Hazel studio. 

Henders & Hazel Academy

Since 2008 Habufa has provided training for our customers in the area of product knowledge, communication and interior decorating/styling. Research has shown that the success of a store is dependent on product knowledge and the sales technique of the sales staff. An investment in their knowledge and skills will certainly pay back!

Habufa has developed a complete training program for the sales staff. The training takes place in the showroom in Hapert and is given by sales professionals and product experts. The training additionally has E-Learning modules and Mystery Guests that visit the store.

For more information about Henders & Hazel, please visit www.hendersandhazel.nl.

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